Jesus, I trust in Thee


If you would know how much is beautiful the inner life,

lived with Jesus, that gives you the true peace

already in this world and makes you

to foretaste the joys of the Sky!

So would abandon all your vices,

your pleasures, that don’t make

never you satisfied,

Rather, such dissatisfaction makes you

more and more sad and depressed.

In the prayer and the sacraments

you will know God. In Him every

true wisdom, delight, goodness, Love.


 In the prayer of the heart and 

in the frequent Holy Confession 

is especially the beginning

of each path of peace .




I am Joshua. Here you find some suggestions to begin to travel a walk of conversion to the light of the teachings of the Sacred Writing, of the meditations of the saints, of the Teaching of the Catholic Church. There are also practical advice by my own personal experience of faith in the light of the Holy Word of God, through which everything must be tested, with the help of priests.
The conversion that the Lord asks us is that to conduct a life marked by a pure Love, a Love as Himself teaches us, made of purity of intentions and resulting from the honesty with ourselves, with our conscience, with our next one. It’s loving first “God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind” (Mc 12.33), that you will love your next one as yourself. Because if you love with the boost that comes from your poor heart, you will love the brothers with the solidarity of a moment, result of a slogan of this or that other ideology, but without a pure, true love, which is deprived of second ends and bad intentions. It is God Himself who gives us this pure love, if you ask Him and you haven’t offended God. Otherwise if you have offended God, by accessing the sacrament of Holy Confession you reset your relationship of love with Him and thus you find peace of heart.



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Joshua has a degree in Teaching of  Religious  Sciences and  in Sciences of the Education as expert of  Formative processes. He  is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Holy Mary on December 8, 2008





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