Peace in the hearts


Be perfect, as your celestial Father is perfect.” (Mt 5,48) Hurry on the walk of the perfection. Also our thoughts, if bad offend God. In the action of contrition of the own sins at the beginning of Holy Mass, we ask pardon for our sins in thoughts, words, works, omissions. If very important are the omissions (lacks to haven’t operated the good for the next one) also the bad thoughts are important, because God through his Saint Spirit lives in the middle of our conscience and scrutinizes every thing of us more than ourselves. This happens because we are “temple of  Saint  Spirit” (S. Paul 1Corinzi 6,19). If instead our thoughts are good, they direct all the our being toward the good, in the actions, in our behaviours and even in the looks. Also from the way that we look at the people we show if we are good, or if we are envious, perfidious or in prey to our passions. “The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is clear, everything of your body is illuminated; but if your eye is wicked, everything of your body is in the darkness” (Mt 6, 21 -22). Don’t make you embroil from the tempter, the devil, but we watch over always praying, without never getting tired us (Lc 18,1).  Send away further from our mind and from our heart the bad thoughts so that God lives in us and gives us his peace and his love.


1. The suffering

The suffering and the dead women have entered in the world because of the sin of our progenitors, Adam and Eva. If to be near God it wants to say to enjoy its spiritual graces, the fact instead giving to more importance to the things and to the creatures to which it alloy the heart, it wants to say to expose itself to defects, to desires, that stray us from God, and such removal provokes suffering to our spirit, because we are made for God. We cannot ask the intervention of God when it suits us or to resolve our problems. God is not a “distributor of graces at coin”, but a personal God, that wants that we grow in his things to participate us of a really full life. Yet how much suffering in the world! Due suffering to the great sin produced by the lack of love, that produces hate, wars, family divisions. In front of this whole evil, someone of you tormented by the suffering has never thought that could have been called to mend to his and other people’s sins, to save souls through the offer of his own cross (physical and spiritual sufferings) uniting to the worths of the Heart of Jesus, to his passion (see the “Act of daily offer” page of site of prayers Link)? Yes…, because a lot of souls are needy of such offers, since has not known Jesus or if have received the Baptism from kids, haven’t cultivated their faith, with a life according to the Holy Gospel, the Ten Commandments, and perhaps they haven’t yet developed the talents, that God had entrusted them. Perhaps God wants to make to reason these people through the suffering, that provokes reflection, offering them the possibility to reenter in that understanding of the things, that would not otherwise be possible. It’s also through the suffering that it becomes tolerant toward the others, that suffer, coming to understand them and to love them. I believe that in the world there would not be whole this evil, if it loved more between us, if each of us brought the load of worries of the others, through the prayer, the listening, the advice, the help verse of them. I recommend you to accept the suffering-cross as made the good robber that died together with Jesus and valorized that pain, become for him prayer, offer, in operation of the salvation of the souls. And you will finally ask to you, if we can recover us from our infirmities. God wants that recover ourselves, if this belongs to his project of salvation for ours and other people’s souls and He make this the grace in the prayer through Holy Mary. But the suffering person, if he asks the grace, he must access the sacrament of the Holy Confession (confessing all the deadly sins, with attention also to the venial sins Link) praying with the heart, with love filial to Mary and asking prayers for itself to the other people.

2.   To pray well, with the heart

I am rather surprised that during the meetings it prays with extreme speed, giving the impression of not knowing what it is saying, perhaps pretending to give to God what is due to Him, while we are that we need of God’s grace. I wonder if It haven’t ever tried to pray well, slowly, pondering the prayer? If it pray with love it will not have the urgency to finish the prayer, especially when it deals of the Holy Rosary and when it will end a prayer it will feel almost the pleasure to want to recite others.  Because even when prayer is a Community act must have care and respect for the sensibility of everybody. I wonder if parents and educators teach to pray well to children and boys. If the children and boys pray well  won’t have difficulty  from youth and adults, but if we do not give the example and don’t teach them, the our chatters on the society that goes badly are our condemnation, because we don’t make our part. If we are not light for our brothers as how can we pretend that they find the road?

3.  To adore God inside of us

To adore God inside of us is possible in a lot of ways. For example during and after the Consecration in the Ss. Mass; there is not best moment in which God makes Himself present and we receives Him inside of us.

The thanks are mandatory; it can be made with some small actions of love as those for example wanted by Jesus for us and revealed to holy Marguerite Mary Alacoque:

“My God, my Only, my Everything, You’re Everything  for me and I’m everything for You” and others:  “I want to live with You, I want to live for You, I want to live in You”, “My God I love you and I thank you”. These small actions of love united to a behaviour of moral life lived according to the Holy Gospel will allow to enter communion with God. Entering communion with God we will be able to be really in communion with the brothers and to put in practice the commandment given us by Jesus: “I give you a new commandment: that you love the one the others; as I have loved you, so also love yourselves the one the others” (John 13, 34).

At the end of the Holy Mass is desirable to continue with a small personal thanksgiving, accompanied by some prayer. In this way It thanks God for to be come inside of us. The practice of the  eucharistic adoration made with a certain frequency in Parish can help to mostly be thankful during the Holy Mass, but before of the Eucharistic adoration It need know if believers practice a regular life of prayer. If they do not pray It need to know the causes and help them accordingly (see the document “Suggestions for a journey of conversion” on the page “Spirituality” of site)

 4.  Purity of heart

 “Everything is pure for the pure ones” (Tito 1, 15). There is a first form of internal disposition to the purity, that derives to estrange from things that can contaminate our heart and then the our mind: can be the images that we also see without wanting it because by now passed as harmless (for example: to pass from a television channel to the other and to finish with to see obscene images), vulgar conversations about sexuality that we hear to do in our presence. Even if it not importance is give, these things contaminate our heart and our mind. It doesn’t make case because what counts it is that anymore the man is immoral and more he is estimated, because he appears to the others men superior to himself. Instead, in this way the man is enslaved more and more of his own passions and instincts, so he cannot practice in himself anymore a beauty of  feelings, because for him it counts more to give outlet to his own instincts and they are then these to determine all his behavior. It  has talked of a first internal disposition to the purity, we now treat of a second form internal of disposition to the purity.  It is an inner disposition to purity, that consists of  giving a right consideration to people who we have next and and to have toward these last a respect and love, that derive from to love them as God loves: “love one another as I have loved you” (John 13, 34). But like reaching this?  We must first of all to strive us to purify every our intention, that animate every ours to act towards the others and to see in every person a brother to love and to love him as God loves us. Also a prayer of the heart in order to reach this feeling is necessary, because the prayer purifies, sanctifies.  Besides to the renouncements it is also necessary some fasting offered to God, because it is good for our spirit and our heart, in how much they allow us to be superior to the things, to the material goods, doing a conscious use of them, for the purposes strictly necessary to our needs. It needs in everything this to ask the gift of his Love to God so that is same God to illuminate us to purify us with his grace. Surely God intervenes with his divine grace when we frequently resort to the sacrament of the Holy Confession, where we purify our soul and also when we participate in the Holy  Mass and we receive the Holy Eucharist, where Jesus enters inside of us and brings us all his spiritual graces, among which that of his Love. If so we will do, we will see our way of living full of meaning, the people as brothers. Our purity will be external not only, of facade, but internal, that it is fixed on true values, on the respect of ten Commandments and of the Word of God. “Blessed the pure in heart, because they shall see God” ( Matthew 5, 8).

 5. The Word of God

I°) must be preceded by the prayer; Be the Spirit invoked through Holy Mary Bride of the Spirit Saint, so that makes you understand the divine Word.

II°) must be read with the heart and then put in practice

III°) must be preceded by a style of love toward the others and of pardon toward those people who are hostile to us, otherwise we don’t put into practice the commandment of the love of God of which the Holy God’s Word will to bring us in its teaching. Only if we forgive our brothers we will be from God forgiven for our sins. It would not be so even besides thinkable for us, to welcome the Word of God when the love of God consults us and it asks us of “to cover” other people’s lacks,  to answer to the evil with the good, of “to bear the troublesome people” as the Teaching of the Church calls us back. And as we will do to do all this with our only strengths? We ask to the Spirit of Saint to give us the strength to love in this way, only so we will have a sure guide for that walk of perfection to which Jesus invites us.

6.  To Kneel in church

I note with regret that the majority of Christians who come into the Church habituated to make the bow only, don’t do more even that, as if they went to any public assembly. The fact that they didn’t come recalled induces them to convince themselves that they are not in a sacred place and that God is not present in the Holy Eucharist, therefore they feel oneself authorized to speak. So instead of just a quick greeting each other to continue the conversation outside the Church, they talk too much about material things and maybe inconvenient for the place of cult.

Jesus during the Passion, in the garden of the olives tree: “Then it almost estranged from them almost a stone’s throw and, kneeling, she prayed: Father, if You want away this cup from me! However it’s not done mine, but yours will”. (Lc 22,41). If Jesus turning to God Father He is knelt, especially we who are men should kneel in the place of God where in the Holy Eucharist God is present in body, soul and divinity. Even St. Paul before leaving for a mission or to start a trip in invoking God knelt. “Said this, knelt with all of them and it prayed” (Act 20,36). “Knelt on the beach we prayed, then we greeted each other”. (Act 21,5).

The believers should be continually suggested to kneel at the entrance in Church and going in front of the tabernacle. Jesus is not a leader of State, for which it’s enough a bow, He is same God and we with a bow put Him to level of a leader of state. And then, if we do not give Him the respect that deserves how we can receive the graces and the spiritual gifts of whom we need to walk long the road that indicates us? Be therefore perfect as your celestial Father He is perfect” (Mt. 5, 48). And if everything is gift and it comes from God, as we cannot give to Him at least some thankfulness? We aren’t equal to God! Let’s behave us from creatures toward our Creator. Also our genuflexion is a small action of adoration and not only of homage to Him. It is not God to have need of our thankfulness but we that through our thankfulness we give Him the place that deserves inside our heart.

 7.  Holy Eucharist

I wonder, if given the Love that we bring to God we feel worthy of to take Him in hand. We know, that from the Official document of the Church “Redemptionis Sacramentum” to receive the Holy Eucharist in mouth remains the first shape. It is a concession that of to take the Holy Eucharist in the hand. The document states: “Although every faithful always has the right to receive, at its option, Holy Communion on the mouth, if any communicant in the regions in which Lecture of the Bishops, with the confirmation from the Apostolic Center, has allowed it, he wants to receive the Sacrament on the hand, be distributed to him the sacred Host”. Besides it need to make a reverence or a bow to receive it and with my displease it doesn’t make ever!!! In fact in the document it is affirmed: “When however they communicate standing themselves, it recommends that, before to receive the Sacrament, let they make due reverence, to be determined by the same rules “(No. 90).  Now, don’t judge ever your priests,  be example and pray for them, if necessary do to note by alone in private what can give back of more cult to God and they will establish the what to do, even consulting the Pastoral Parochial Advice. The Holy Mary in the messages of Medjugorje always invites don’t to judge the priests, but to pray so that are united to the Heart of Jesus, so to do his holy wish.

8. To meditate the passion and death of our Lord Jesus

Just to meditate on the passion and death of our Lord Jesus to understand how much He loves us and he have wanted to carry over himself the weight of our sins, with which we continue to bring pain to God, that like a Father wait our return (Lc 15, 11-20). Jesus asserts, that who does not carry own cross and does not follow Him, he is not worthy of Him (Mt 10, 38), because he does not follow his teachings, which indicate the only way for man, that narrow, because that large leads to his downfall (Mt 7, 13). The apostles went happy to suffer outrage for the passion of Jesus (Act 5, 41)” [1], because they observed his Word and to this motive Jesus confirms to them, that will enjoy of the same his joy in complete way (Gv 15, 10-11). With the his death Jesus has opened to us “the passage for the return to the lost country”[2] because of the sin committed by our progenitors (Gn 3, 1-19). So how can we doubt that Jesus wants us to participate in his divine life in heaven, when He did not hesitate to die for us[3]. Let’s consider to what price He has ransomed our soul (1Cor 6, 20)! He is God and he did all this for us, between pains and terrible sufferings.


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