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The texts included in this site are from the following sources:

1) Prayers – taken from appropriate sources. If from the sources from which these prayers were taken there is who is able to produce a certificate of ownership and doesn’t want some of these are published, then giving reasons for the request and enclosing proof of ownership of the prayer, will be immediately removed from this website. Thank you for your cooperation.

2) Meditations – due to the contribution of Joshua. Arguments can be downloaded, distributed, quoting the author and the site,but not modified. It is also forbidden to get a text from the contents of the site, because there’s already a text for the topics covered by this site and for which copyright already exists.

3) Some of the images included in this site have been taken from the following sites that allow you to download and to make non-commercial use:

The image of the Home page is a painting of merciful Jesus and is taken from a personal photograph from place of worship.

Music tracks in this site has been performed and provided  from the site where the music tracks are download free without copyrights.

These songs are of musician composer Johann Sebastian Bach:

Prelude in C Major BWV 846,

Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ BWV 639,

Gelobet sei’st du, Jesu Christ BWV 604.

The images in this site serve to introduce the visitors on free contents of the texts entered. The texts are free for the diffusion presented on the same  website.  This site has been realized in the respect of the laws on the copyright. 

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