Jesus, still deeply moved, he brought himself to the sepulcher; was a cave and against it was set a stone. Jesus said: “Remove the stone!”. Answered Him Martha, the sister of the dead man: “Lord, already sends bad smell, since is of four days”. Jesus told her: “I did not tell you that, if you believe, will see the glory of God?”[1] Jesus is the Second Person of the Trinity has resuscitated Lazzaro, whose body was in state of decomposition, in how much dead for four days. Now, if Jesus has the power of to give the life to the dead and the Holy Spirit, that is the Third Person of the Trinity has resuscitated Jesus from the dead, so much more the same Spirit will give our life to our deadly bodies.[2] In Jesus Christ we have the salvation and alone in Him was established that we can be saved. [3] One alone is at the same time man and God, the true one “mediator between God and the men.. Christ Jesus”. [4]

We are sons of God. We are born for the sky and not for the land

It is all a deception what we are living in this epoch. The comfort and the enrichment do not help our heart, they don’t do us happy. More it is chased the profit more we discover that much often come damaged or deprived other people with our earning. And then ask ourselves if we were really worthy either or this earning is fruit of compromises or friendships, that go then to damage who is weaker. In the Holy Gospel Jesus warns us: “You can not serve God and money”.[5] With our choices we determine whether we are from part of  God or money. There can be no compromises. Jesus says: “Who it is not with Me it is against of Me”. [6] I Believe if I interpret well, that who does not stay with Jesus. I think if I understand well, that those who are not with Jesus through a life of grace, in accordance with the Ten Commandments, in the practice of prayer, access to the sacraments, is against God, then on the side of Satan, the ancient serpent , who tried and dropped the first woman, Eve and then Adam her husband in original sin. Even it speak little or nothing of this, Jesus during his public life was to drive out many demons, and when he sent the apostles to go into all the world to preach the Gospel, gave them the command to cast out demons , a task which at present is acquitted in severe cases from the exorcist, a priest appointed by the bishop. This is to say that Satan exists, as are all the other demons that hierarchically to him. The exorcists intervene in serious cases of diabolical possessions, even if are rare. At any rate who falls in deadly sin he has not more the inner peace and in a world this where all seems permitted, in special manner for how much it the intimate life, so that the sixth relevant commandment to the impure actions comes little respected, also for the public examples of characters, which persuade the young to follow them. S. Paul remembers us that God will destroy he who will have destroyed himself, “because the temple of God is holy”, that are us. [7] If we continue to throw away our life satisfying our bad desires, leaving transport us from our passions, we will dictate from ourselves our sentence. “Did not accumulate treasuries on the land,.. accumulated instead treasuries in the sky, where neither moth neither rust consume”. [8]


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