The texst of mission “Pace in the hearts” has been viewed by the priest become after Responsible of the Pastoral of the Diocese to which I belong.

Peace in the hearts

is a series of inspirations of Lelia Gazza isn’t among us more now. These inspirations are calls to the conversion of the heart and the mind, that must conduct us to a life marked by a pure love, a love made of purity of intentions and consequential from the honesty with ourselves, with our conscience, with our next one. It is this the concept that is often observed in these inner inspirations, even if the matters are the most disparate, but they contemplate to make us to return to relive a spiritual infancy, that we have lost with the sin, estranging us from God.
I have personally found these very illuminating catecheses for the way of living of every day of us Christians and because in them many references have restrained to the Holy Word of God, to which we must turn both to appraise if our life is conforming to the Holy Gospel both to appraise if spiritual runs as this are conforming to that suitable in the Sacred Writing.  I diffuse this text for the glory of God and the salvation of the souls.

Now ask to yourselves who was Lelia Gazza?

I bring the news of the people that has known her. She lived at Sorbolo in the town of Parma, Italy. She was very devoted to God and Holy Mary. She recited the prayer of Holy Rosary during the day alone and some times also in group near a capital of her home. She frequently went to the Holy Mass and to the eucharistic adoration. She went to make visit to the sanctuaries of Holy Mary to make free to the Madonna. Her house was open to those people who needed material help, but also spiritual. You belonged to the association Caritas of her parish. She consecrated herself to the Immaculate Heart of Holy Mary (I knew from cognizant that the place where Lelia consecrated herself it was the same in which I made the same consecration on December 8, 2008). She had these inspirations in the period of her illness between June 14 th 2002 and September 29 th 2003, day of her slope to the sky.


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The inspirations


The universe and how much contains gift of my love for every creature

The progress the pleasure the hedonism and especially the young people

The sin

Sin and purification

The Sacrament of the Marriage

The family

To the people of the cinema and television


How to help a brother in need

Come to Me you that are tired and oppressed and I will refresh you

The sacrament of the Holy Confession

The Holy Word of God that instructs and changes the heart of man

How to ricognize the apostasy and false religions

The righteousness of God that gives joy

To unite your sufferings to the sufferings of Jesus

I look for workshippers in Spirit and Truth

The prayer