Our Celestial Mother says:

“Always bring my Child in the heart and in the thoughts.

In this way you bring the Love.

All those people who don’t know Him

will recognize Him in your love.”

Union with God

 Necessary premises to unite to God it is in having practiced in themselves some mortifications, taking the distances from the things that they upset us, that see or we hear. It is to practice penance of the mind, eyes, heart. We cannot compromise our purity of heart; if we set ourselves to compromises the evil creeps in we. Get away yourselves from unnecessary curiosity, because it is through these that the demon tries us. [15]Let’s give ourselves also a rule in to drink or in to eat, because the excesses make the wish tired and they conduct to sinful passions [16]. Try to practise the fast and we will get great will power in to detach us from the goods and from the creatures [17]. It is necessary to pass from a necessary purification of the senses, in which we deprive us of our affections to the human things “to be able to communicate in total liberty of spirit with the divine Wisdom” [18]. Fact this can be begun to ask to God to be to Him united. But how? Find a certain time of day and let’s enter in ourselves, holding our closed heart to every worries, also to the “memoirs of the past that produce in us distractions” [19].

In succession complete these actions:
1 th) Have the only desire to understand the wish of God for us [20];

2 th) Let’s examine every day our conscience comparing us with the Word of God, with the pure heart of whom entirely welcomes It;

3 th) Feel contempt for our sins [21];

4 th) let’s bend us with our spirit to the feet of Jesus Christ and “let’s throw us in the abyss of His mercy” [22];

5 th) Meditate His passion and ask to be washed in His precious blood;

6 th) Let’s propose us to suffer with spirit of penitence every kind of tribulation;

7 th) Let’s pray for our neighbor, for the souls in purgatory and with great fervor the Holy Trinity, celebrating through prayer and praising his greatness;

8 th) Let’s ask to Jesus the grace to love Him, to be forever to Him united [23], to put Him to the center of our heart.




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